77% of “Green Offices” on the Czech market have been built in the last 5 years


A study by CBRE, the world leader in commercial real estate services, confirms the trend of constructing green buildings in the office properties sector. Currently, a 4% share of the total office space is in so-called green buildings in the Czech Republic, and it can be assumed that the volume of green offices in the local market will continue to grow, as 77% of new office development projects in recent years have gained environmental certification and mature markets already consider environmentally friendly buildings as an essential condition for classifying buildings as quality constructions.

In order for the building to be able to best serve its users, it must be well-designed and built, but also operated. In terms of services in the field of green offices, emphasis is mainly placed on energy and resource consumption, the quality of construction location, the quality of construction process management, the quality of materials used, the indoor environmental quality, pollution levels and last but not least, waste management. These services lead to more efficient and better use of energy within green buildings, while also generally improves the quality of the indoor office environment. As a result, there are savings, not only at the level of operating costs, but also in increases in productivity by the people who work in such buildings. Green buildings are designated as buildings that have gained BREEAM, LEED, or SB TOOL certification or the German DGNB certification, for example.

We have been talking about the concept of healthy green offices mostly within office market categories A and B in Prague and Brno, where their share still only comprises about 4% of the entire market. The situation is much better when considering complex buildings. Developers in the past few years virtually construct only certified new buildings. Although not all the buildings are in the highest available certification categories, generally the standard of new office buildings is improving as is the pressure to meet certification requirements. A total of 77% of offices buildings built in the last 5 years have been certified, especially in prime locations, where there is high competition for office space, for example Karlín and Pankrác in Prague. Altogether, the Czech Republic has certified 3.2 mil. sq m of office space, most of it in the BREEAM and LEED systems.

says Daniel Štys, Head of Operation Department - Associate Director at CBRE
Not always, however, has the concept arisen out of complex incorporated solutions, from technical device solutions to building interior equipment tailored to specific companies and services for the users of the offices. Only individual projects are a holistic experience as of yet.
says Daniel Štys, Head of Operation Department - Associate Director at CBRE

The study clearly shows that in most developed and highly competitive markets, building economisation is already a precondition for buildings being ranked among quality constructions. From the perspective of the local office market, it is expected that almost 60% of all commercially leased offices can be certified or rated in a similar manner in the next ten years, even older buildings, especially in prime locations. However, these will need major reconstruction and replacement of existing buildings technologies.

Daniel Štys, Head of Operation Department - Associate Director at CBRE added
Even buildings after renovation can easily get a similar level of certification as newly built ones. However, European legislation will also be the driver for improving office properties.
Daniel Štys, Head of Operation Department - Associate Director at CBRE added
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