BETA upgraded and landing big tenants

Although completed in 2005, faced with significant vacancy after a few anchor tenants moved out of BETA for various reasons, the owners of BETA – CBRE Global Investors – decided to be pro-active and creative in their efforts to find new tenants. Instead of simply lowering the rents, they invited architects PH5 with whom they successfully worked together on other projects to propose a facelift of the common areas of the building including the main reception, elevator lobbies and also outside facade.

Ondrej Lane, Senior Asset Manager at CBRE Global Investors comments: “Although sceptical at first due to its daring design, we are truly excited about the end result. The experience of visiting and working at BETA has completely changed for the better. We immediately received positive comments from our existing tenants and the first impression of potentially interested tenants visiting BETA for the first time significantly improved as well. We trust this will translate into further leasing success of the remaining office space available at BETA.“

Among other things, the entrance from outside into the office building was opened and lit up whereby now more openly welcoming visitors to the building. Also, the new design of the entrance lobby and central hall has now taken full advantage of the spacious atrium by moving the reception deeper into the heart of the building. Solid wood elements were added at various places on the ground floor connecting the building to nature. This was then combined with light, new wall coverings on the ground floor and at the lift lobbies of each floor with behind it plants lit up in different colours shining through the barisol material making the building more playful, fresh and modern-looking. Finally, one of the two central elevator shafts was entirely painted with graffiti by the up and coming well-known young artist Jakub Matuška alias Maskér already awarded by the National Gallery in Prague.

Mr. Červenka, architect of PH5 comments: "Revitalization of the Beta building was a great challenge for us since the very beginning. Besides the whole interior brightening and achieving greater and optically airy-opened foyer area we wanted to emphasize the entrance of the building by using BARRISOL on ceilings from the level of the façade to the lobby. The same material was used as an element connecting the entrance of the hall with other floors – as a shadow play with plants. When considering how to deal with relatively large flat glass elevator shaft in the building, we worked on the presumption that art also belongs to administrative buildings. At the same time it was necessary to respect the character of such areas. Therefore we addressed artist with strong roots in graffiti and street art, Jacob Matuska aka Masker. In particular, thanks to the courage of the investor a genuine work of art that has contributed to the uniqueness of the building Beta could be created."