CBRE Facilitated the Lease of Unique Real Estate on Jungmann Square in Central Prague

CBRE, the world leader in commercial real estate services, facilitated a lease of unique retail real estate located in the historical Ehlen House on Jungmann Square in central Prague. In the middle of November, the prestigious address became the home of the FANN BEAUTY ATELIER, which is a unique combination of a traditional perfumery and a concept store. The newly opened atelier offers health and beauty services tailored to suit the needs and preferences of high-end clientele.

Tomáš Krejcar, High Street Retail Consultant společnosti CBRE
I am very happy we succeeded in finding the ideal tenant for the prestigious address, who utilized the unique retail space in the historical part of Prague and decided to open a truly representative flagship store, which will surely attract high-end clientele.
Tomáš Krejcar, High Street Retail Consultant společnosti CBRE

The Ehlen House is a multi-purpose building constructed in the Neo-Renaissance architectural style during the second half of the 19th century by architects Otto Ehlen and Julius Kandert. It can be found in the heart of Prague - between Jungmann Square and October 28th Street. The building was completely reconstructed and renovated in 2012 and today offers office and residential space for lease.

Thanks to CBRE’s High Street Retail Department, we managed to find an ideal tenant for our retail space, the company FAnn and its Czech flagship store.
Dejan Mansfeld-Rupnik, CEO at the company ECE European City Estates
I am positive the FAnn Beauty Atelier will become perfect proof of the fact it is possible to do things differently, to experiment and to connect the seemingly unconnectable. We strived to preserve the original concept of FAnn perfumeries while bringing in a breath of fresh air in the form of an amazing space, unique brands and impeccable service. We were led by the desire to offer something new and unique to our client base. Something, they haven’t had a chance to experience in our perfumeries before.
Radek Voňavka, Chief Executive Officer at FAnn parfumérie

An elegant two-story space is connected by a unique staircase and creates an ideal setting for the representative FANN BEAUTY ATELIER. The exclusive, two-story perfumery and concept store of the Czech and Slovak company FAnn will offer 16 world renown, ecological and socially responsible health and beauty brands. On the top floor, clients will find a VIP zone dedicated to one-on-one cosmetics consultations. The flagship store will also offer a unique area called “Made in Czechoslovakia”, where clients will find top quality cosmetics brands from both Czech Republic and Slovakia, customized serums to fit the needs of customers with various skin types and a Swiss-made certified machine capable of detailed skin analysis.