The Company Mediform Will Move its Storage Capacities to a New Warehouse Located in the South of Brno

CBRE, the world leader in commercial real estate services, facilitated a lease of a warehouse to the Brno-based company Mediform. The new warehouse will increase the capacities for medical material storage, which is being supplied to all significant hospitals, private outpatient facilities and pharmacies in the Czech Republic.

The key requirement for the new storage facility was to be in close vicinity of the current warehouse. The second requirement concerned the fact, the warehouse had to be made operational quickly, because Mediform did not want to jeopardize deliveries of medical material to its clients. Therefore, CBRE had to select suitable warehouses in the city of Brno and surrounding areas. Thanks to impeccable knowledge of the commercial real estate market in the region, CBRE managed to secure a lease on a warehouse which is located only roughly 500 meters from the current storage facility. During the selection process, it was crucial for CBRE to pay attention to the cleanliness of the potential new storage space, because Mediform specializes in storage of medical materials. The official moving to the new storage facility will take place at the end of November 2018.

Sebastian Kovačič, Consultant Industrial & Logistics CBRE

It was a pleasure to cooperate with Mediform, such a significant Brno-based firm which distributes material that helps save people’s lives and assists in keeping them healthy. Finding a suitable storage facility, which would meet all requirements of the client, was a big challenge for us.
Sebastian Kovačič, Consultant Industrial & Logistics CBRE

Currently, the whole facility is being customized with the assistance of the owner, to fully meet the requirements of the future tenant. The new warehouse will allow Mediform to concentrate all storage capacities under one roof, which will speed up the delivery process and subsequently enable the overall growth of the company

We searched for a suitable storage space for quite some time. We did not want to lose our employees, so we could not move the storage facility to a far-off location. CBRE has helped us tremendously with everything and most importantly, found a warehouse in which we will be able to celebrate the 25th anniversary of our company’s establishment.
Zdeněk Motyčka, General Manager of Mediform spol. s.r.o.

The company Mediform was founded at the start of 1994 and its main speciality has always been distribution of a wide spectrum of medical material for various medical fields - including special surgery (spinal implants), intensive and urgent medical care, as well as highly specialized fields such as cardiology, radiology, urology and gastroenterology. The company also supplies professionals in the field of veterinary medicine with medical materials and products.