The fifth-annual jubilee anniversary of the CBRE Meeting Room of the Year competition has begun

The CBRE Meeting Room of the Year project (, which evaluates the best offices in the Czech Republic, is entering its fifth year. This year is not just about offices in terms of space, design and the building itself, but it is also focused on the theme of cooperation, the current topic of finding new colleagues and focusing on a healthy lifestyle.

The chairman of the jury is once again Eva Jiřičná and Jiří Kejval, Chairman of the Czech Olympic Committee, is the honorary chair of the “Healthy Office” category, which will also focus on a healthy lifestyle and sporting enjoyment of its users in addition to lighting, thermal and acoustic comfort and plenty of fresh air. There is also a new category “Industrial & Logistics Office”, whose expert guarantor is the Art of Space project. Companies can register for the project by October 21, 2018.

says Eva Jiřičná, the world-renowned architect and chairwoman of CBRE Meeting Room of the Year
The Meeting Room of the Year is celebrating its fifth anniversary. Just as in everyday life, this anniversary is associated with something extraordinary and is also connected with anticipation of what more life will bring. I’m also curious about what this year’s Meeting Room of the Year will bring, and how new companies will surprise us.
says Eva Jiřičná, the world-renowned architect and chairwoman of CBRE Meeting Room of the Year
Kateřina Havlová, Associate Director Advisory & Transaction Services – Office at CBRE
Offices are no longer just spaces for work but places that must be prepared to adopt new trends and meet the demands of our employees as well as our clients or office visitors. The fifth year will not only be about offices in the sense of space and design, but also about how companies are prepared to transform cooperation, not only within the offices themselves but also to work with people that are not there on a daily basis. This year we are launching the Tour at “Hop on Hop Off Brno”, in the summer we will support the mobility activities of “E-Bike Tour Around Offices in Prague”. We are also planning a Human Resources event, an informal event and, of course, a festive announcement of the winners.
Kateřina Havlová, Associate Director Advisory & Transaction Services – Office at CBRE

In the CBRE Meeting Room of the Year Project, this year's participants can compete in the following ten categories: Meeting Room of the Year, The Office as DNA of the Company, Most Attractive Work Environment, and Small Office, all evaluated by an expert jury. Other categories are Future-Proof and Innovative Offices, whose professional guarantor is Skanska, Healthy Office, whose expert guarantor is the Czech Green Building Council, Smart Cooperation, which is supported by the Spaceti CompanyIndustrial & Logistics Office, whose professional guarantor is Art of Space and Architectural Design, whose professional guarantor is ČVUT and will be evaluated by the students in cooperation with the Jury President Eva Jiřičná. The last category is Public Voting, once again announced this year on radio station Evropa 2, in which the general public votes for the best offices.

Aside from Eva Jiřičná (AI-DESIGN), there are other prominent personalities on the jury: Alexandra Tomášková (Skanska), Richard Curran (CBRE), Jiří Kejval (TECHO), Jan Musil (LIKO-S), Tomáš Jindříšek and Pavel Maurer (Grand Restaurant).

Companies with inspirational working spaces can register to take part in the CBRE Meeting Room of the Year Project till 21 October, 2018. The finalists will be announced in November 2018 and the award ceremony for the winners will be held in February 2019.

Over 500 companies have joined the competition in participating countries since 2014, when the competition was first held in the Czech Republic ( In Slovakia, the project is called “Office of the Year” (, in Austria "CBRE Office of the Year Award“ ( and “The Most Office” in Romania (, “Office Superstar“ in Poland and “Office Space of the Year“ in Belgium. Among the winners of previous years are companies such as SAP, Notino, Yuar architects for MSD’s offices, Opero, Vault 42, SCS Software, Mainstream Technologies, NEORIS Czech Republic, Google, IBM Slovakia, ARKON, Expedia, Automic Software, Ernst & Young, Erste Group Bank, GSK – GlaxoSmithKline Pharma, DOKA, Mars Austria, IN-SPIRO, Air Bank, J & T Banka, Ogilvy & Mather, JetBrains, LIKO-S, Etnetera and Paper Hub.